As a learning architect, I help form solutions to performance problems that help students, employees, and adults perform at their highest potential. Education Technology, aka Instructional Systems Design aka Learning Architecture, is my life-long passion. 

PROTOYPE: Healthcare Online Assessment

PROTOYPE: Healthcare Online Assessment

JOB AID: Healthcare Message Taking

SCREENCAST: Compositional Relationships


Healthcare Online Assessment

My instructional design class at San Diego State University was selected to create a online course to teach patient safety for health care safety credentialing. These are mock-ups of the 200 slide project my team submitted. 


Instructional Design Elements



Healthcare Job Aid 

While taking notes may seem like an everyday task, the necessary information for each type of message differs from one business vertical ton the next. In healthcare, this information saves lives.  Many small omissions in information, such as the proper spelling of a last name or a pharmacy number, wasted an estimated 948–1300 hours a year of the manager and doctor’s time looking for necessary information. This is costing the company approximately $33,400 – $54,600 annually or $334,000 – $546,000 over ten years.

By providing a step-by-step procedure in an easily digestible and memorable way, receptionists need only remember where information is stored in the job aid to take a complete, error-free phone message. In the CDT model, this is a remember procedure job aid. 


Design Screencast

This project focuses on the best practices in compositional design conveyed through online video medium. Good composition is based on attracting the viewers eye and engaging the viewer by guiding the eye throughout the material. A screencast is a video record of a desktop or mobile screen, often with audio or text overlay. 


Learning Portal Prototype for Adult Learning

The theory of adult learning or Andragogy (coined by Malcolm Knowles), focuses on best practices for adults to learn. Key points include: adults must know why they are learning; adults must feel in control of their learning; learning must relate to the adult's own experience; the adult learner needs readiness to learn. 

My team applied the andragogy best practices to the creation of a learning portal about San Diego Tide Pools. 

Instructional Design Elements


Infographic on xMOOCs 

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