Our favorite place for drinks and/or live music in Austin


While most of the bars have changed up since we left Austin, many of our favorites remain and there's a great vibe to each part of Austin that never changes. We've includes an overview of the area so you can pick your best spot to grab a Lone Star or dance to a band in the Music Capitol of the World.

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Drinks and Music in Austin

Since much has changed over the years, we wanted to give you an overview of the vibe of the bar neighborhoods and where to find music. 

M = Music

Dirty 6th Street

The most famous strip of bars in Austin, filled with music at various locations. Also filled with underage students from UT Austin.

Bars West 6th Street

The more "classy" and "bro-y" side of Austin bars. Great for a drink with a very Texas-y vibe and possibly Two-Step!

Rainey Street

Megan and Jason's favorite spots to grab a drink. The bars seemed to have changed but the quant vibe remains. Our favorite bar here is Clive Bar and it's still up-and-running!

East Sixth Street

If you want to visit the hipster side of Austin, head to east 6th where you'll find grungier dive bars and hipsters galore. Needless to say Megan and Jason went out here many times back in the early teens. 

The Cloak Room

The infamous bar where state senators and representatives go to have a stiff drink during session. You must need a tall glass when you undermine the state's education system. 

Elephant Room - M - Jazz

Underground jazz bar with nightly music. This dark dark bar is a great place sip on a cocktail listening to local music. It's hard to hear anything else

The Continental Club - M - Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Funk

Probably the most famous music bar in Austin, you can catch an act any night of the week. See schedule here. The Gallery upstairs offers another stage with a little bit more funky vibe. 

Cheer Up Charlies - M - Hipster

An LGBTQ friendly bar with nightly music including 9/1 Beyoncé v Rihanna mashup. If you want to dance, I recommend!

Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

Homemade sausage and beer garden. 

Jester King Brewery

World famous brewery home to Austin, Texas! If you are a beer lover you are already going here.

Hotel Vegas - M - hipster

Modern hipster music with Two-Step lessons on Wednesdays!


See more of our favorites below: