Our favorite Places to Eat in Austin

If you love tacos, Tex-Mex, vegan food, and/or BBQ, you are in the right city. Austin has a great and growing culture of food, from simple breakfast tacos and food trucks to fancy sushi (for real!) and French cuisine. We've put our favorites below, but so much has changed we urge to explore!

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Food in Austin

V = Vegan friendly

Bouldin Creek Cafe - V

One of our go-to spots for vegetarian food, we used to eat here at least twice a month. Megan met Jasmine and Cindy here for the first time! Megan highly recommends the Tofu Broccoli Salad and add the tofu scramble. 

Tacodeli - V

Megan's favorite breakfast tacos in the city, you can  walk to Tacodeli from the Greenbel and grab delicious avocado salsa. 

Taco Joint

We have a little contention in our relationship, as Jason thinks Taco Joint is even better than Tacodeli. Megan hasn't been, but is positive Tacodeli is more delicious. You be the judge! 

JuiceLand - V

The best juices and smoothies in Austin. Our favorite is the Wundeshowzen, which we like to add blueberries to (Jason) and extra kale (Megan):




French upscale cuisine with delicious ratatouille. This is the spot where Jason first met Megan's parents. 

P.Terrys - V

Megan's favorite veggie burger. BETTER than In-and-Out! Ask for extra special sauce on the side for the fresh cut skinny potato fries.

Vegan Yacht - V

Yumm delicious vegan burritos and freeto pie! One of Megan's favorite food trucks.

Uchi Austin & Uchiko

The upscale Uchi and it's more affordable sister shop, Uchiko, are really the only places to get sushi if you want it. Remember, there are no natural bodies of water around Austin, but that's just me. Jason and I spent our first anniversary at Uchi, the most expensive meal we had in Austin.

Franklin BBQ

One of the most famous BBQ joins in the WORLD (no joke). You'll want to get here early,  8:00 a.m. on the weekday and 7:00 a.m on the weekends and prepare to waste for some of the best barbecue you'll ever have.

Mr. Natural - V

Vegetarian and vegan and gluten free Mexican buffet with delicious desserts and small supermarket for healthy natural medicines

    The Whip In - V

    One side is is a delicious homemade Indian food join and the other is a beer & liquor store. Rumor has it two brothers 

    Ramen Tatsu-Ya

    Raman in Austin! We've never been here but this ramen restaurant has come highly recommended by our friends n Austin.  

    Hill Side Pharmacy

    Oysters wine and spirts! 

    Salt Lick

    Another world famous BBQ joint just outside of Austin in Driftwood Texas, 

    Food Trucks!

    Austin has an amazing selection of Food Truck parks all over the city. They've all basically changed since we lived there, but here's the Thrillist's list of best Food Trucks in Austin


    Mmmmm. Brunch. Don't take it from us, but check out what experts say are the best brunch spots in Austin. 

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